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Who We Are

Get the best legal service ever

M A N N A F is a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services (in the fields of criminal, civil, state administration, and constitution) to protect your legal rights and business activities at all judicial levels

M A N N A F, which was founded by public lawyers who have practiced law for more than five years, has a lot of experience and certainly has good relations with government, law enforcement, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, civil society, and academics at leading universities which add the quality to our law services and certainly beneficial for the legal settlement process.

In its work, M A N N A F is committed to providing legal services that will ease your legal issues and ensure your business can run smoothly and sustainably.

M A N N A F focuses on general crimes, special crimes (white-collar and narcotics) civil and commercial litigation, employment, arbitration, and settlement of alternative disputes. We are also experts in environmental and natural resource law, investment law, banking and finance, fisheries and maritime law, cyber and e-commerce law, corporate law, real estate law, land-use law, and many others.

M A N N A F upholds the values ​​of integrity, honesty, and professional ethics in our legal services. We also provide each client with a combination of in-depth business knowledge and advanced legal practices to solve all client legal issues.

Our Founders And Partners

Ayu Eza Tiara is the founder and managing partner of MANNAF LAWFIRM. Since studying at the Faculty of Sharia and Law – Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta (UIN Jakarta), Ayu has started her career as an Assistant Public Lawyer at the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) which was founded by a senior Indonesian lawyer, Prof. Dr. Adnan Buyung Nasution.

After graduating in her studies, Ayu continued her career as a Public Lawyer at LBH Jakarta. During her career in law, Ayu spent her time fighting to help the poor, the blind, the oppressed and those who had difficulty accessing legal aid services (access to justice). Ayu provides legal assistance for free (pro bono).

In addition to providing legal assistance to the poor, Ayu is also actively contributing to several legal researches, such as:

The research found that there are thousands of criminal cases investigation unilaterally stopped (“vanished”) by Indonesia’s police without transparent process, causing undue delay and unsolved criminal cases on victims side.

2017 The study uncovered the practice of torture during investigation process by Jakarta’s police and how the perpetrators remain unconvicted under impunity.

2017 This study found that child offfenders in Jakarta still often faced arbitrary arrest, even though current law has ensured the rights of most criminal cases conducted by child offenders to be resolved through diversion (mediation) mechanism

Ayu is also active in providing input on Government policies.

Ayu’s expertise and focus is on criminal litigation, civil and commercial litigation, industrial relations disputes, family law, property and land law, employment law, corporate law, bankruptcy law, banking law and alternative dispute resolution, environmental law and many others.